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All of these have been, and in various ways continue to be, potent sources of stereotypes. For example, in the past ten years global migration flows have become, once again, a major site in the stereotyping of foreigners. Such stereotyping is also associated with ‘folk devils’ and ‘moral panics’. As well as examining migrants as an object of moral panic, we shall look substantively at what these twinned concepts involve and the various problems they entail. One such problem is their serial recurrence, which is again where historical understanding is important. This is just as true of their pressing social relevance, for it makes their attendant media representations appear to have an insistent bearing only in the context of the latest splash headline. Such representations require a broad historical contextualisation not only in relation to their development over time, but also in their connections with longer-term patterns of inequality, order and power. It is in these connections that the legitimation of prejudice, censure and punitive treatment is so often rooted.

Overall, the module will provide you with various analytical tools for unpacking and deconstructing representational practices, and introduce you to the various work on stereotyping and Otherness in such fields as media sociology, cultural studies, and post-colonial studies. It will help you to acquire a historical knowledge of representations of forms of ‘difference’ in relation to nationalism, racism and imperialism, social and political issues, metropolitan urban cultures, migration and questions of political asylum. These are the main areas we shall investigate.

The compulsary text for this module is Michael Pickering (2001) Stereotyping: The Politics of Representation, Palgrave. You will find copies of this in Blackwells, the University Bookshop, which is located in the Students Union building. This text has relevance to most of the teaching sessions on the module, but each topic is supplemented by other references and these are set out in the reading list. You will find that most of these have been placed in the Short Loan collection in the library, so please plan ahead by setting aside time in which you can cover the cited reading on a week-by-week basis.

Assessment for the module is by coursework assignment only, and is based on two assignments, a short essay of 1000 words to be handed in roughly halfway through the module, and a longer essay of 3000 words to be handed in after completion of the module. You will find further details about these assignments set out below.

Summary of Programme

Week 1 The Concept of Representation (MP)

Week 2 Prejudice and Bigotry (MP)

Week 3 Representing the Other – Stereotyping (MP)

Week 4 Representing ‘Us’ – Nationalism (SM)

Week 5 Representing ‘Them’ – Racism and Imperialism (MP)

Week 6 Representing the East – Orientalism (MP)

Week 7 Reacting to the Stigma – Occidentalism (SM)(责任编辑:admin)

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