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For the second assignment, please choose ONE of the following questions:

Compare and contrast at least two different approaches to the concept of stereotyping.
In what ways can the concept of the Other be used in analysing media constructions of social contamination and threat?
Do the mass media contribute to the exclusion of immigrants?
4 Are modern British media nationalist?
5 Taking examples of both positive and negative racial stereotypes, discuss how they relate to the identity of those who use and reproduce them.
Discuss the role of stereotypes in cultural representations of the Orient.
How did imperialist values inform the ways in which the colonial Other was viewed?
Assess the value of the concept of moral panic, using relevant examples of your own choice.
What is the relationship between Occidentalism and Orientalism?

A few points about your coursework. Regardless of which assignment you choose, you should use particular examples taken from whatever source seems relevant to you. Do not go beyond the allotted word-length of 3000 words, and unless there is good reason, please word-process your essay. The essay should be fully referenced and accompanied by a complete bibliography – see the Programme Handbook for guidance on referencing and other house-rules. Submission of coursework by post, fax or email is not accepted. It is regarded as good practice in the Department of Social Sciences for you to keep a copy of your coursework, and handing essays in on time and in the form required is part of the assessment. Any extensions to the deadline will be granted only for valid reasons such as illness, accident or other unforeseen circumstances and should be arranged with me in advance. You should also note that plagiarism is not tolerated, and you’re asked on the hand-in form to confirm that the assignment is your own work. If any part of your essay is found to be copied from another student or copied from a book or article without due acknowledgement and proper referencing, a mark of zero will be recorded. University regulations on misconduct allow for the reduction of any or all of your marks in any or all of your modules.

All marked coursework will be returned with a feedback sheet that will appraise your essay under the following criteria:
Structure and clarity: Is the essay logically organised with a coherent argument?
Analysis: Does the essay address various views in a critical fashion?
Relevance: Does the essay answer the question?
Understanding: Does the essay express your own grasp of the subject?
Evidence: Is the essay informed by relevant reading and illustrated by primary material? Is evidence used accurately, critically and effectively?
Presentation: Is the essay legible, grammatical and fluent?
References: Are sources cited fully? Is a properly annotated bibliography attached?
General comments.
The marked essay will be given a grade within the range of A+ (excellent first class essay) to F- (extremely poor fail). The grade Z (0%) will be given to those who fail to submit or who don’t make an adequate attempt to answer. These coursework marks are provisional until they have been confirmed at the end of the semester by the External Examiner and the Board of Examiners.(责任编辑:admin)

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