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Guidance on Private Study

Here is some advice on how you might spend your time in private study for this module:

Further reading: using the reading list selectively will help you not only to deepen your understanding of key issues, but also will allow you to see where and how some of those issues may be interlinked. This will improve your ability to write critically and analytically.

Preparation for class: prior to attending teaching sessions you should read the material that is set out under the heading Lecture Reading. You should read and take notes from relevant texts cited in the reading list (or use material you have found yourself) so that you can make an informed contribution to the seminar discussion. In thinking ahead to this, make a note of questions you may wish to raise or clarification you may require from the tutor.

Finding your own sources: no reading list can be exhaustive and there is always scope to use material gained from other sources. This is especially true of coursework assignments. Along with books on particular topics in the library, the most likely sources of relevant information, which you can locate for yourself, are to be found on the Internet, in newspapers and in academic journals.

Essay preparation: you should spend time not only in reading texts and taking notes, but also in planning the structure and development of your essays so that the final product is coherent, well-argued, critical and analytical, and soundly organised.

This kind of private study will not only help you to get the most out of the module, but also enable you to get better marks for essays. Remember that essays which largely repeat lecture and handout material and contain little by way of evidence of substantial additional reading and preparation will generally receive low marks.

Finally, if you have any difficulties with the reading or the two assignments, do please see me or any of the other tutors teaching this module and we will do what we can to help. I hope you enjoy the module and find that it helps you understand your way around one of the key areas in media and cultural analysis.

Michael Pickering,
January 2009.



1. The Concept of Representation

This initial session will look at different approaches to the question of representation, and the various conceptual and theoretical implications that are involved.

Lecture reading

Stuart Hall (1997) ‘The Work of Representation’ in Hall, S. ed. Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices, Sage/Open University.
Christine Geraghty (2000) ‘Representation and Popular Culture’ in James Curran and Michael Gurevitch, eds. Mass Media and Society, London: Arnold, chapter 18.
Myra Macdonald (2003) Exploring Media Discourse, London: Arnold, chapters 1 and 2.
Judy Giles and Tim Middleton (1999) Studying Culture, Blackwell, chapter 3(责任编辑:admin)

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