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关于Goss International 英文report作业

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Goss International
My report is about the company we visited.The name is Goss International. Goss International is established in Boxmeer, The Netherlands.Goss International is a global leader in web offset printing solutions, with a complete product range of newspaper and commercial press systems, as well as mailroom and post press equipment to worldwide markets.With quality accredited global design and manufacturing facilities, Goss International offers the widest range of web offset press systems, enhancements and lifetime service capabil Of the visit
The aim of our investigation was that we get enough information about the company so that we can make our report of at least 15 pages. But also an aim was that we know more about the company it self. And I think we get enough information to make this report.
Operating procedure:
Wednesday the 17e of November we were invited at the company Goss Contiweb. After a tour through Goss Contiweb we asked our questions to Evert an important employee of Goss Contiweb.
Choice of the company:
We couldn’t choose the company ourselves, because the teacher “Hans Steenman” did that. He did that because, he knows things better and he knows where the IBS students were doing their work placement.
When I heard that our company was Goss Contiweb and that Ilhan was our IBS student, I was happy because I know who Ilhan is, so it was more comfortable for me to go to the company. 
The aims of businesses are goals that a business wants to achieve. If a company wants to achieve there aim, they need objectives. Objectives are goals to achieve your aim (责任编辑:BUG)

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