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零售业面临的挑战分析[Challenges in retail]

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Challenges in retail

Web 0.2技术给所有行业带来了一场全面性改革,如零售业、金融业、教育业等。本文将重点关注这些技术给零售行业带来的影响。提出的问题就是为什么零售业需要Web 0.2技术,这是值得深思熟虑的问题。我们要在第一时间获得竞争优势,当竞争对手应用这些技术向客户提供一个独特的体验服务,那么其他零售商则必须采取行动,如果他们想继续在商业界立足。同时,随着客户可以得到越来越多的产品信息,零售商应该改变产品销售途径,以满足其客户的高期望。另一个问题是,客户已经养成了注重环保的意识,那么最后结果就是要有一个可持续发展的产品。另一个重要的原因是,正确使用上面提到的技术,创新和提高生产力。Web 0.2技术对“结构—实施—绩效”这一范例有了更好的理解,这是引用了梅森和贝恩的观念。

The Web 0.2 technologies have brought a revolution in all of industries such as retail, finance, education, etc. This essay will focus on the impact of those technologies on retail industry. The question that is raised is why the retail industry needs to take the Web 0.2 technologies into great consideration. At the first place we have competition. When the competitors apply these technologies offering to customers a unique experience, then the other retailers must act if they want to continue to exist in the business place . Also, as an increasing amount of information becomes accessible to customers, the retailers should change product distribution in order to satisfy the high expectations of their customers. Another issue is that customers have become environmentally aware. As a result there is a tendency towards more sustainable products. Another important reason is that the proper use of the technologies mentioned above lead to innovation and increasing productivity. Web 0.2 technologies improve the paradigm “Structure - Conduct - Performance” which was introduced by Mason and Bain .
The Web 2.0 was firstly introduced by Tim O'Reilly in the O' Reilly media Web 2.0 conference in 2004. Web 2.0 includes new technologies such as social networking, blogs, wikis, RSS, mash-ups, folksonomies, forums and other communication tools. The technologies of Web 2.0 affected the World Wide Web and focused more on encouraging the users to interact with each other. This radical change could not leave business unaffected.
Definitions of the technologies are going to follow.
社交网络—Social Networking
In social networking there are groups of people who share information. In business, social networking is very beneficial for the employees. According to a survey , employees communicated with each other efficiently. They also had the opportunity to collaborate easily with each other. This collaboration is a key factor for business leaders. IBM conducted research that showed that the main source of innovation is the collaboration of employees . Furthermore, collaboration leads to faster decision making.(责任编辑:BUG)

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