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Motivation represents the most interesting and challenging part in understanding human behavior. It had been widely studied in the last century and scientists elaborated several theories in their attempt to understand what motivates people.
In the first part of the assignment, the author propose a literature review for selected motivational theories. The second part, focuses on how this theories can be used in practice to increase employee motivation in service industry, in a transportation and logistics services provider company.
Peoples are an indispensable part of any organization. In order to achieve its goals, any organization requires qualified, skilled and motivated workforce. If it is relatively easy to acquire skills and to qualify people, to motivate them it is quite challenging.
Motivation has been defined in several ways by different authors over the time.
Kreitner, 1995 defines motivation as a psychological process which gives direction and purpose to a behavior. Griffin and Moorhead, 2012 considers motivation "the set of forces that causes people to engage in one behavior rather than some alternative behavior" (p.90), while Rogers, 1996 sees motivation as "an internal process which directs any one to behave in a particular way". Bedeian (1993) defines it simply as a will to achieve. Higgins (1994) describes motivation as an internal drive for satisfying specific unsatisfied needs.
Starting from this definitions, several theories were formulated.
文献综述—Literature Review         
1. 弗雷德里克·W·泰勒的科学管理理论— Frederick W. Taylor's scientific management
The first author who analyzed and wrote about motivation was Frederick W. Taylor. "Non-incentive wage system encourages low productivity" (Taylor, 1911 cited in Yudhir and Sunita, 2012, p. 57) he said, considering that wages and salaries are the most important motivators. In his opinion, if people receive the same salary, independent of their individual contribution to the results, they will work less. However, if the payment is good enough, people will perform any kind of job.(责任编辑:BUG)

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