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在当今世界的商业领域中,创新理念被视为在区分生产新产品能力和开发新市场或转化成另一个行业的重要参照物,而创业是常与不确定性相关联的,特别是当它涉及为业务带来新想法(Deakins et al... 2005)。鉴于中国发展的速度,不断创新的能力对于企业家在中国顺利的生存来说,是一个长期而有效的组成部分。根据(熊彼特1999.285页)描述,认为创业是一种创新,简单地将它定义为人们确实结合了现有物质和社会形势。此外创业包括创新发明,而不单是发明,中国的企业家高度重视创新并且知道如何去发明,但大多数企业属于国有企业。
In today's business sectors in the world, innovation idea is seen as the key product when differentiating with the ability to generate new product and create a new market or transform an industry, whereas entrepreneurship is often associated with true uncertainty especially when it involves bringing new idea to the business (Deakins et al... 2005). Given the pace of change in China, the ability to constantly refresh what to innovate is the integral part of a long-term of successful survival for entrepreneurs in China. According to (Schumpeter 1999.p 285) who described and sees entrepreneurship as innovation and simply defined it as someone who does make a new combination of existing materials and forces. Furthermore entrepreneurship consists of creating innovation rather than inventions, in China entrepreneurs are highly innovated and know how to use inventions, but most of the businesses are been owned by the state government.
In this essay we are going to examine China and Nigeria entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurship is an important factor in the development of any country. Entrepreneurs are responsible for taking calculated risks that open up doors to progressively higher levels of economic growth.
Entrepreneurs not only create jobs and opportunities for the people but they also fill the space in the economy not provided by stated owned enterprise. (Malik 1997).
However some factors that hinders entrepreneurial in some developing countries are cultural social context, population structure, education training and government operation etc. Nevertheless, since the global economic crisis China has been a popular figure in today's global economy. We are going to look at entrepreneurship in the private and public sectors, using their own money to start up a business and therefore they are mostly privately owned. In Nigeria the government don't support the entrepreneurs with social amenities like electricity, technology due to bad government had made entrepreneurial less innovative. There are some gender differences amongst these two countries, comparison of the TEA rate in China and Nigeria for both men and women is provided for about 41 countries and the data (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2003). Entrepreneurs are the veritable backbone on which the world and modern ideas continue to develop. The magnitude and reach of their contributions, to extend much beyond the world of business and economy, and to them goes irrefutable credit for the growth and evolution of societies at large. Developed nations across the world owe their current prosperity to the collective effort of intrepid entrepreneurs, on whose innovation also rests the future prosperity of much of the developing world.(Schumpeter 1999).(责任编辑:BUG)

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