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The given case is on the management and leadership style of the business tycoon named as "Rupert Murdoch" by origin an Australian and king of media market, owning 780 businesses covering 52 countries , his company owned more than 175 newspapers titles in 3 continents publishing around 40 million papers a week and the leader in newspaper markets in Britain, Australia and New Zealand, also having ownership of renowned film production units and sports entertainment channels, after the thorough study, areas which need to be discussed for Murdoch's organisational empire include lack of basic policies and practices from human resource management prospective like, there is no existence of proper human resource department, poor performance monitoring and appraisal system, lack of training and development of staff, autocratic style of leadership, decision making is centralized and there is high usage of power and control. People working in his organisation are not much comfortable about the working conditions and job security as there is strict compliance required otherwise anyone can loose his job and they do not treat him like company CEO but the king, his business strategy is good but while implementing those strategies he don't care about his staff and imposing his principles of working on them by ignoring their opinions and suggestions. Murdoch is control freak that is why decision making is centralised and there is no delegation of power to subordinates, neither there is concept of internal divisions even in such a huge organisation.

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