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Chad's Creative Concepts is a designer and manufacturer of wooden furniture in Ohio, USA. Initially, the company manufactured custom made wooden furniture for vacation cabins, but it later diversified into a standard line of furniture. The rationale for introducing this line was to cater to the needs of price sensitive customers who are unable to afford Chad's custom made furniture. Over the years, the company gained a reputation for its innovative designs and high quality workmanship. Business is brisk and sales are continuously rising.
However, all is not rosy at Chad's, especially for its standard line of furniture. One of the problems it faces is escalating production costs which reduce profit margins. Also, there are numerous problems associated with the production of standard furniture, for instance poor inventory management and inefficient production process. While these problems may not be critical at the moment, if left unattended, they will worsen and affect the company's survival in the long term.
This report outlines some of the key problems faced by Chad's Creative Concepts and outlines suggestions on how to overcome them.
Clearly, the problems at Chad's Creative Concepts are associated with poor operations management. Indeed, effective operations management would have prevented many of them from occurring or solve them quickly. The discussion here will focus more on the standard line of furniture since the company does not face any serious problem with its custom made furniture.
2.1不合格的库存分配管理— Poor Inventory Management
Materials requirement planning is an important aspect of operations management. It should be done in a systematic and accurate manner. However, at Chad's it is done on an ad hoc basis using simple software. This is inadequate for a rapidly growing organization. As a result of poor inventory management, there is a pile up of raw materials, which adds to operating costs in terms of warehousing and lost opportunity cost. The same problem exists for work in progresses or unfinished production.(责任编辑:BUG)

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