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企业是一个“互相制约的子系统和各部门构成的环境系统,在更大范围系统中向输入系统输入并接受产出”(Senior, 2002, p.5)。这就是为什么每个企业的变化会影响其管理系统,但也已被后者制约。根据阿姆斯特朗所叙述的(2009, p.404),“没有所谓的理想组织”随机应变才是至关重要的。作者认为,面对每个问题时,组织应该随机应变,以营造最合适的企业结构和环境(2009, p. 405)。另一方面,一个企业有不同的组成部门,如员工是公司最重要的资产,他们极有可能会受到企业不同方式的变更管理带来的影响。毫无疑问,最重要的是对员工的心理造成影响,这被视为新管理系统的一种抵抗。对于这些影响企业应该谨慎管理,以促进改变的过程。
An organization is a "system of interacting subsystems and components set within wider systems and environments which provide inputs to the system and which receive its outputs" (Senior, 2002, p.5). That is why each organization affects the system but is being modified by the latter as well. According to Armstrong (2009, p.404), as "there is no such thing as ideal organization" the change is vital. The author argues that by facing each problem, the organisation should be modified in order to achieve the "best fit between the structure and the circumstances" (2009, p. 405). On the other hand, an organization has different components such as employees which are the essential assets for a company, highly likely they will be affected from the change management of the organization in different ways. There is no doubt that the most important impact is the psychological one for the employees which is considered as resistance to the new management system. These effects should be managed carefully in order to facilitate the change process.
Contrary to those who believe that change can only be successful through coercive measures, this paper argues that change must be implemented through a positive approach which consists of a dialogue process with employees. The communication and the presentation of the change management plan will allow employees to express their thoughts and feelings about it. Because their reaction is taken into account, they will feel part of the change process, and they will be more likely to adapt to a given change. This, at the end, will ease the implementation of change, and will help the company to finalize this process in a more peaceful and successful way. Firstly, the concept of change management concept will be explained briefly. Secondly, the concept of resistance and the psychological effects on the employees such as shock of the new, inconvenience, fear of failure will be discussed, and finally, the mitigation methods which depend on the choice of change management programme will be enumerated such as communication, presentation of the change management plan, and bargaining which will be discussed with their effects.(责任编辑:BUG)

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