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Greg Stamboulidis公司案例分析报告(case study report)

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在这份报告中作者主要以Greg Stamboulidis公司为案例作分析,这个公司从一开始的小业务经营到现在稳定而又有盈利大型业务,这一过程的变化,在竞争激烈的行业中是非常不容易的。在此报告中,会对一些关键问题进行分析。首先介绍Greg Stamboulidis企业发展的主要特征:冒险型。第二步分析其冒险的将公司从传统企业中分离出来的方式和原因。第三步解说公司面临的主要困难及克服这些困难的措施。第四步列出并解释公司成功发展的主要原因。最后,将企业的发展轨迹与有关理论相结合。总之,在此报告中综合分析了公司的成功发展。
In this report the author will mainly analyze the case of Greg Stamboulidis` company. The company has survived from a little business to a stable and profitable business, which is not easy in the competitive industry. In this report, some key issues in the case will be analyzed. First of all, the main characters of the development of Greg Stamboulidis` corporate venturing will be described. And then the ways of and the reasons for he separated his corporate venturing from his traditional organization. Thirdly, the main difficulties in front of the company and the measures overcoming these difficulties would be explained. Fourthly, the main reasons for the company`s success will be listed and explained. And finally, the organization`s action will be linked to related theories. In a word, a comprehensive analysis about the success of the company will be made in this report.
The development of Greg Stamboulidis' corporate venturing started from a small business which was bought from an old people, who maintained a small business by selling food to nearby schools and shops. At the beginning, the main character is the company only had a low margin profit, for the fierce competition and increasing costs. The changes happened when Greg Stamboulidis decided to change the supplying chains of the company. The company began to find cheap and stable source of supplies. And another main characters is the company has expanded its business with a strategy of vertical integration. It added the processing of shark to its business. In addition, the company has also changed its core business from food products to shark, which had an increasing price in a long term. Although the company expand its business to some extent, most of its efforts is about the shark business.
In the development of the company, there are many obstacles. The most important one is the instability of supply chains. Greg believed that the supply of shark is the main shortcoming of the company. In fact, the fact was just like his diagnose. The betray of South Africa had given a serious blow to the company. For one period, the company had to purchase sharks from some small suppliers in various countries. Even this, it could not meet the demands of customers. However, Greg finally overcame such an obstacle, by finding out new suppliers in other countries before his competitors` action. Another important obstacle is the turbulent industry dynamics. The outer environment of the industry is changing all the time. The competition is more and more aggressive, and the policies try to reduce the shark fishing quotas, and the increasing cost of purchasing and labor. In order to overcome these difficulties caused by changes, Greg took a series of hybrid adaptive behaviors. He focused on the firm`s centre of gravity. Meanwhile, he tried to find out and seize some new opportunities to develop the company. When sticking to the core business, Greg find new opportunities like calamari rings, hotdogs, and other related fish products to expand income in the changing competition. However, in order to maintain the core business in the changing environment, he convinced the South American suppliers to fillet and batter their sharks. In addition, the company improve their equipment and technology, which allows them to process large sharks. And this is an obvious advantages over its competitors, for these competitors could only process middle size sharks. In this way, the source of shark of the company is wider than its competitors.(责任编辑:BUG)

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