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组织文化类型分析(Organizational Culture)

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The organization's structure concerns how people grouped and to whom they report (way of doing and managing the business). It exist two main types of organizational structure, formal (structure is constructed to fulfil specific objectives) and informal (loosely structured, spontaneous and flexible form).
While the organizational culture of a company represents the behaviour and attitude of the workforce of the organization and the meanings that those employees link to their acts. In fact, the word ''culture'' incorporate the values, norms, systems, visions, working language, beliefs and habits of the company. Consequently, it affects the way the people of the company interact and communicate with others (employees, customer, stakeholders).
There are different types of organizational culture as it can be influenced by internal and/or external environment. For example, the size, the history, the goals, the function, the location, etc… of the organization could influence it. The four types of organizational culture are the power culture, the person culture, the role culture and the task culture.
The role culture is the most common one (especially in the large organizations). The employee's activities will be strongly influenced by clear and detailed job descriptions (what is expected from them). It implies that the company will be split into different departments (functions). Thus, each employee (within a department) will be assigned a particular role. The advantages of using the role culture are the fact that the employees are getting specialized as they focus only on one task (assigned by their job). Moreover, it will generally entail an augmentation of the company's productivity. When looking at the characteristics of the role culture we can affirm that it rather correspond to functional and divisional structure.(责任编辑:BUG)

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