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英语Operation Management essay范文

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根据James C.Sarros (2001)和Joseph C.Santora(2001)在期刊1中的论述,管理者必须使自己适应周边变化的环境,且自己不能落后于他人。除此之外,期刊1中还谈到了变革型和交易型领导力。它解释两种类型领导力的特点,以及领导人如何使用这两种领导力让管理者完成企业的目标。在期刊2中,Nalini Govindarajulu和Bonnie F.Daily谈论了如何努力改善工作环境,提高员工工作积极性。管理承诺的四个因素:员工授权、奖励、审查和反馈。管理者使用这四个因素来激励他们的员工,这样员工会改善他们的工作技能,提高工作绩效。

In this summary the current issue is about the operation management. It talks about the challenges faced by the operation manager. The challenges include coordinate relationship with employee but different organization, optimizing global supplier, production and distribution networks, increased co-production of goods and services, managing customer touch points and the last is about raising senior management awareness of operation.

According to James C.Sarros (2001) and Joseph C.Santora (2001) in journal 1, manager must accommodate themselves for not left behind from the others. Other than that, journal 1 also talks about transformational and transactional leadership. It explain the characteristic of both leadership and how the leader use this leadership for the manager to achieve the company goals and objective. In journal 2, Nalini Govindarajulu and Bonnie F.Daily talk about increasing employee motivation for environmental improvement efforts. There are four factor that is the management commitment, employee empowerment, reward and review and feedback. Manager use this four factor to motivate their employee so that employee will improve their working skills.

In the recommendation part, I have recommend manager to use transformational leadership because in this leadership there are some characteristic that is useful for the manager to be success in the organization. To be a successful manager, he/she must understand the managing organization in order to cooperate with the employee and increased the sales or productivity of the company.

介绍-现状—Introduction- Current issue

The current issue here is about the operation and supply management. This operation and supply management is a dynamic field where challenges are present by global enterprise regarding new issue for operation manager. The major challenges is coordinating the relationship between mutually supportive but separate organizations. There is a dramatic surge in the outsourcing of parts and services that had produced internally. It has been encouraged by the availability of fast, inexpensive communications and a whole of new breed of contract manufacturer is now exists. The success of traditional outsourcing has led companies to consider outsourcing other major corporate function and the ability to coordinate these activities is a significant challenge for the operations manager of the future. Second is optimizing global supplier, production and distribution networks. This implementation of global enterprise are now common in large companies and has challenged manager to use this information. This require understanding where control should be centralized and where autonomy is important among other issue. Third is increased co-production of goods and services. Nowadays internet is a new way for the customer to interact with the firm. Simple direct entry and monitoring of orders is the first step of value-added services through information sharing. Forth is managing customer touch points. If a company attempt to become superefficient, they often save on customer support personnel and training for the staff. This lead to the frustration such as getting bad advice, repeating the problem to different workers and so on. This issue is to recognize that making resource utilization decisions must capture the implicit costs of lost customer. The fifth issue is about raising senior management awareness of operations as a significant competitive weapon. Many senior executives entered the organization through finance, strategy or marketing and built their reputation on work and result often take operation for granted.(责任编辑:huiyinad)

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