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企业知识在获取平衡中的作用 The use of Corporate Knowledge in Gaining Leverage
当今时代,知识作为一个将领先于竞争对手的关键因素出现在企业界。策略是根据公司所具有的知识而设计的。 这篇文章将支持的论点聚焦于三个主要关键领域,如知识和它的类型,直觉和隐形知识怎样变得形象化,隐喻和类比在外在化过程的重要性。上述领域使用不同的模型分析,比如通过讨论,野中郁次郎和竹内弘高把面包制作机作为案例研究的主要基础理论。希望您喜欢这篇文章。
In the recent times, knowledge has emerged in the corporate world as a critical factor in moving ahead of the competitors. Strategy is designed according to the knowledge a company has. This essay will be arguing in favour of the argument and focus upon three main key areas like about knowledge and it's types, how the tacit knowledge or intuition can be externalised and importance of metaphors & analogy in the externalisation process. All the above areas are discussed using different models and by taking the Nonaka and Takeuchi case study on bread making machine as the main base. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

根据野中郁次郎和胡贝尔理论,知识可以被定义为加强任何企业有效行动能力的合理信念。它是无形的,可以被视为一个对象或任何过程(Alavi Leidner,2001)。知识被认为是个人资产,显示任何领域的专业知识。1999年,据报导在99%的日常生活中,人们做的活动是基于知识来进行的(史密斯,2001)。 3M有限责任公司因为有效的知识管理系统被认为是最具创新力的公司之一。(Cavusgil Calantone和赵,2003)。知识是特定的、明确的语境,这意味着它必须由一个特定的时间和空间组成,否则,它就会像任何其他信息一样普通。例如,“DEF街123号”只代表信息,没有语境。但是,使用语境重新包装后为“我的哥哥约翰住在DEF街123号,旁边是图书馆”,使其成为一种知识(野中郁次郎,富山和今,2000)。根据丽丝,知识管理是一个有助于判断公司控股信息的正式程序,可能有利于其他员工获得有价值的信息。

According to Nonaka and Huber, knowledge can be defined as the justified belief that strengthens any organization's capacity for effective action. Being invisible, it can be viewed as an object or any process (Alavi and Leidner, 2001). knowledge is considered as personal asset and shows the expertise in any field. Wah in 1999, reported that 99 percent of the work that people do in their daily lives is based on knowledge (Smith, 2001). '3M corporation ltd.' is said to be one of a most innovative companies because of having effective knowledge management system. (Cavusgil, Calantone and Zhao, 2003). Knowledge is context specific, which means that it must consist of a specific time and space otherwise; it will be like any other information. For example, '123 DEF Street' represents just information, which is without context. But, when it is reframed using context as 'My brother John lives at 123 DEF Street, which is next to library', becomes a form of knowledge (Nonaka, Toyama and Konno, 2000). According to Liss, knowledge management is a formal process which helps in determining the information a company is holding and that could be beneficial for other employees by making the information available. This process contains different steps like how the knowledge is being captured, then evaluated, stored, provided and finally used (Smith, 2001).(责任编辑:charlie)

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