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The influence of corporate culture and organisational commitment on performance
Md. Zabid Abdul Rashid, Murali Sambasivan and
Juliana Johari
Graduate School of Management, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang,
Selangor, Malaysia
Keywords Organizational culture, Performance levels, Malaysia
Abstract This paper examines the influence of corporate culture and organisational commitmenton financial performance in Malaysian companies. Based on the work of Deshpande and Farley on
留学生论文网corporate cultural types and Allen and Meyer on organisational commitment, a structuredquestionnaire was developed and self-administered to managers in Malaysian companies. A totalof 202 managers in public listed companies participated in the study. The results show that there isa significant correlation between corporate culture and organisational commitment. Bothcorporate culture type and organisational commitment have an influence on the financialperformance of these companies. The implications of the study are also discussed.
Corporate culture has received much attention in the last two decades due to itseffects and potential impact on organisational success. The pioneering work ofDeal and Kennedy (1982) incited the interest of researchers and consultants tothe concept of corporate culture, and how these values and philosophy guidethe employees’ behavior in the organisation towards greater success.Consequently, several researches have been conducted to identify the natureand type of corporate culture in organisations. The purpose was to elicit thekey values, beliefs, and norms in an organisation that has given much impetusto the success and superior performance of the organisation. Kotter and Heskett(1992), for example, believe that corporate culture has a long-term impact on theperformance of the organisation. Denison (1990) found that certain types ofculture could enhance organisational performance, while Van der Post et al.(1998) found significant relationships between organisational culture and
performance. It is also believed that corporate culture is related toorganisational strategy, particularly in the implementation of a selectedstrategy in an organisation (Schwartz and Davis, 1981; Scholz, 1987; Choe,1993; Rashid and Anantharaman, 1997). Deshpande and Farley (1999) foundthat the corporate culture of successful Indian and Japanese firms were quitedifferent in their marketing orientation.
The above studies suggest that corporate culture is an important componentin the field of organisational behavior, particularly in trying to better
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Received July 2002
Revised December 2002
Accepted January 2003
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