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对Abdul Rahman Hallab & sons人力资源经理提出的三个问题

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对Abdul Rahman Hallab & sons人力资源经理提出的三个问题
Abdul Rahman Hallab & sons是黎巴嫩最著名的东方糖果制造商。1881年它成立于黎波里省的黎巴嫩,由于糖果品质优良它获得了良好的声誉,其服务也高达世界标准。现在, Abdul Rahman Hallab & sons旗下大约有500名员工,每天数以百计的客户服务。为此,公司建立一个最新的人力资源管理部门来管理大量的员工,并为员工绘出可能的工作前景。该部门处理员工的各项事务,从员工的招聘选拔到奖励和晋升都由它负责。它的目标是“在降低金融风险的情况下实现组织人力资本投资回报率的最大化。”(Wikipedia- 人力资源)。
在员工被公司雇用之前,会经历不同的阶段。通过这些阶段,雇主将会选择那些拥有最优能力和最适合公司目标的职员。所有公司都致力于提高对员工的选择,或者说他们的培训和支付体系,而很少有人意识到所有这些都是相互关联的。但是,随着时间的推移,这个问题逐渐被意识到,企业也开始更关注这方面的东西。为了更好了解就职过程,我来到Abdul Rahman Hallab & sons拜访它的人力资源经理Mr. George(他更喜欢用昵称代替全名),并询问他们是如何完成这一过程的,以下就是他的回答:
糖果制造商-Sweets Manufacturer
Abdul Rahman Hallab & sons is the most known oriental sweets manufacturer in Lebanon, having been founded in 1881 in Tripoli-Lebanon, it gained its reputation on the quality of sweets offered along with the service that’s up to world standards. Today, Abdul Rahman Hallab & sons employs around 500 employees and serves hundreds of costumers on a daily basis. As having this large number of employees, this company established an up to date HRM department that deals with them and with employee possible prospects. HRM or Human Resource Management is a function or department that deals with employee issues, starting from recruitment and selection and not ending with rewards and promotions. It’s objective is to “maximize the return on investment from the organization’s human capital while minimizing financial risk”(Wikipedia-Human resources).
问题一-Question 1
Before an employee prospect is hired by any company, he should go through different stages that allow the employer to choose the one with best qualifications and most importantly that best suits company’s goals. All companies focus on improving their employee selection, or their training and payment systems, but very few realize that all these are inter-related. But, as time is moving on, this issue is being more and more realized, and companies are paying more attention to this side of business. To understand the employment process, I met with the HR Manager at Abdul Rahman Hallab & sons Mr. George (he prefers no to give his full name) and asked him about how they perform it, and this is what I got as answer:(责任编辑:cinq)

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