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The Background Of Volkswagen 
Many people are wondering what is the secret of success of this giant group? What is the key that Volkswagen group has used and is still using to enter a new market every year, with the rare of growth always increasing?. Well, the key is just the right key for any successful company which is the very strong and well handled market campaign .For instance, in Egypt the group introduced new products to the Egyptian market and kept on following and introducing until these products took the lead while watching competitors performance to try and follow up, furthermore Volkswagen has a enormous selection of vehicles which gave them a higher market share compared to its rivals. Volkswagen overcame those competitors by handling all of the customers' complaints and knowing all competitive products starting with price, place, packaging and promotion, ending with how to satisfy their customer at after sale through the service and offers putting in their mind also that high quality also has an impact on customer satisfaction and product performance. Volkswagen offered in the Egyptian market a set of affordable cars the least expensive yet one of the best cars among its fellow competitors. The group in Egypt in these couple of years has focused and is still focusing on making a good reputation, and by that they start with making a luxurious, powerful car with high safety necessities. A VW car is known with its high resale value and lifetime durability. The VW group has also focused on introducing new technologies and new products. VW has also made TV and radio commercials to help the customers realize what the TSI motor is as well as the new dual shift gear box. Other than commercials, the marketing campaign has offered full product line promotion and contacting all clients periodically to ensure the evaluation of a good product orientation.
In addition, VW the parent try to expand the Volkswagen Group's customer base by acquiring new, satisfied customers around the world. The company's vision is to be able to become the most highly innovative car manufacturing company offering the best quality to its customers. In addition, it aims to increase satisfaction along with our existing clients. The firm manufactures more than one car to satisfy the Egyptian costumer, they focus on the young customer and the middle age in the upper middle class by giving them a high quality car and powerful performance. As we take a look at their wide variety of products; there is the VW polo which is priced for 140,000 EGP, the legend Golf with a price up to 200,000. These two hatchback small cars are built for the young people who are looking for performance and high quality .The VW group introduced two luxurious sedans, the Jetta and Passat . The prices of those cars range from 200,000 to 265,000. Those two cars are built with a very high technology and high quality standards and also by adding a commanding engine .The German engineers cooperated with the marketing department in Egypt and focused on what the people need for a car and manufactured it for them. The company's aim is not only to build a car for its customers but also it aims to build a strong relationship between the company and its clients by creating and maintaining a qualified picture through positive media exposure and following up with the company clients, which contributed to its customer loyalty by always making sure and asking their client "help us to improve our service". As for the promotions Volkswagen advertises about invention of the tsi engine that people thought of as an appealing idea that a 1.4 CC motor can give u the feeling of driving a car with 2.5 CC engine it's not only about performance but also about the very low consumption of this engine. Moreover, they also offered test-drives for people in order to increase the credibility of the firm; Volkswagen added a massive number of dealers and keeps on adding new service centers to make it easier for its clients to reach them. The Volkswagen group supported the improvement of Egypt's ambulance by supplying Egypt more than one thousand five hundred ambulances cars, in addition Volkswagen formed an online game called super trumps which used Volkswagen vehicles to make up the pack and the game was hosted on MSN messenger and users had to ask their friends and the outcome that in less than two months the game generated more than 5500 new registrations and more than 1 million referral were attained through MSN messenger in three months .The firm has succeeded to attract customers by building a relationship constructed on high loyalty and commitment, to meet customer's expectations and gain high prominence on customer's service, nonstop and constant customer contact.(责任编辑:cinq)

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