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管理学留学作业代写:贝莱德集团(BlackRock, Inc.)绩效评估

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贝莱德集团(BlackRock, Inc.)绩效评估
Task: 1
The problem identified in this research is that after the recession of the 2008 many companies were stumbling and economizing while the Black Rock which is considered as the biggest and the largest assets management firm reworded and re drafted its financial services. Black Rock was performing consistently and steadily during the festive period. Its profits, stock rises and revenues have been continuously consistent. The Black Rock continues to outshine even in the time of crises. But the question here is that what has made the difference?
The hypothesis which is speculated is that the company Black Rose is determined and is derived by explicit and real mission. That can be hypothetically stated as the mission to make and generate an enhanced future for the clients. Commercializing innovation can be the major factor behind the success of the company. The technology policies and the platform of the company which is Asset Liability and Debt & Derivative Investment Network, has cultured and refined risk-analytics competences shared with superior functionality in assortment management, operations, trading and data control.
The hypothesis that has been speculated in this research is related to the success factors that are behind the Black Rock, it has been considered that there are four principles which are guiding the company’s success.
To be fiduciaries to its customers and patrons,
To be zealous about performance,
To be trendsetters and ,
To be “one Black-Rock.”
Task: 2
This study is important and needed in this article because it helps in understanding the success mechanism of the success of a company who stand out consistently in the time of the crises. This study is important because besides focusing on the Black-Rock this study has also focused on the industries of the China and India, and it help to detect and observe the common success factors of companies triumph.
Even though these corporations diverge extensively in their latitude, scale, and development but yet they establish and make evident that what are the key attributes that can change the game of any organization and enterprise.
This study is appropriate for MBA program because this provides an insight in the organizations that are game changing, led by principles, performance oriented and driven by a certain purpose. This study help to provide a guide on the talent strategies which further develops and derives the company’s business ad strategies. This study is necessary for MBA program because it helps the individuals in grasping and understanding the four areas and aspects which are critical for an organization to stay focused on its main and basic purpose. It also helps the individual to learn that how a competitive and a high performance can be developed in an organization and what principles can be established which give a wave of energy to the employees.(责任编辑:BUG)

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