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管理学留学作业代写:贝莱德集团(BlackRock, Inc.)绩效评估(3)

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Collective and Individual
The present day researchers and their research clear the position and standing of creating companies that are directed by a shared sense of persistence and purpose. People have always sought meaning in their lives, but we found that a sense of purpose is an overwhelming differentiator in attracting top talent.
Task: 4
Assumptions of this case study:
Black-Rock’s policies are strictly talent and innovation oriented and centered. The company’s policies are locally appropriate and globally surmounted. The company assumes that with the help of its recruitments programs, it will be able to attract the talented top individuals. Moreover, proper Black-Rock effective leadership has also been ensured under the mantra of “We Are One Black-Rock”.
The company assumes that with the help of above discussed strategies, methodologies, making use of collaborative tools and by developing a certain culture within the employees, the company will be able to gain a position of game changer and can avoid the entire crises situation and the company will work in a consistent manner in any sort of circumstances.
Limitations of the Study:
The limitation and restriction of this study is that it does not address the situation in which any of the methodology and the strategic steps could not be implemented. The study does not provide and discuss the situations like what if the company remains unable to gather, attract and recruit all the talented and cream individuals? Moreover, this study also is limited as it does not provide that what should those companies do who are unable to attract and assimilate the top talented individuals? And how can they do so? As it has been clearly stated in this case study that the secret weapon of all the game changing companies are their superior and talented individuals, only those individual are the real and primary asset of the company.
These are some of the limitations of this case study.
Potential for Future Research:
The future potential research work is that further research can be conducted to define the strategies that could effectively attract and recruit the superior talented individuals. Moreover, there is also a research gap in this study that how can a company which is not successful like the Black-Rock can attract and assimilate the top talented individuals and can include itself in the list of the game changing companies.
Moreover, this study provides a check list of the game changing talent strategy but it does not provide that how companies who are diverse and different from the Black- Rock can develop such game changing strategies? Thus future researches can be conducted on this aspect too.(责任编辑:BUG)

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