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管理学留学作业代写:贝莱德集团(BlackRock, Inc.)绩效评估(4)

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Summary: 总结
This study is basically centered on the topic that how can a game changing talent strategy can be build and established. For this purpose, Black Rock Company which is one of the most consistent, largest and leading management companies has been examined in this research study. Besides that this study also asses two other companies which are of china and India, respectively.
With the help of providing the strategies of the Black Rock company this case study has provided a detailed account that how other companies can also built game changing strategies. Moreover the research hypothesis of this study that has speculated that, this research is related to the success factors that are behind the Black Rock, it has been considered that there are four principles which are guiding the company’s success i-e, to be fiduciaries to its customers and patrons, to be zealous about performance, to be trendsetters and to be “one Black-Rock”.
Conclusion: 结论
This research has shown the most operative people strategies and policies like of the corporation of Black-Rock which base their business strategy on the game changing talent and they also tends to focus on the concerns of the company from corner to corner and add maximum value to the company.
To sum-up, it is safe to conclude that this case study has analyzed the game changing strategies in an effective and provided a detailed account of it with the help of the Black Rock company.

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