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商界领袖方法|留学生Management Assignment

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A simple definition of leadership is that leadership is the ability to a group of people working toward a common goal to motivate. This definition of leadership, I think it captures the essential inspiration and preparation for leadership. Effective management is based on the ideas, but does not occur if these ideas can be communicated to others in a way that the door.
In short, the director of the inspiration and chief operating officer. This is a person, group, owned by his personality and leadership that makes others want to follow their example. The top is welded to the performance. Those who consider themselves effective leaders are the bottom lines of your business to promote.
Also be confused with the definition of leadership, we tend to use the term "administrator" and "treatment" as synonyms, referring to the administrative structure of the direction of the company, or people that really the leaders of the "Leaders" in the various management teams. (Pettinger, R. (2000).
Lakshmi Niwas Mittal pronunciation is an Indian steel magnate. He is the chairman and CEO of ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steelmaking company .Mittal owns 41 percent of ArcelorMittal and holds a 34 percent stake in the Queens Park Rangers F.C. football team.
In 2006, The Sunday Times named him "Business Person of 2006", the Financial Times named him "Person of the Year", and Time magazine named him "International Newsmaker of the Year 2006". In 2007, Time magazine included him in their "100 most influential persons in the world"
Research the business leader's approach to leading their organisation
Lashmi mittal for me is having situational approach in his business as mostly successful business men's doing now a days.
Situational leadership is based on a theory that was developed in 1977 by Paul Hersey, a professor, and Ken Blanchard, a leadership expert who wrote "The One Minute Manager" which focuses on more than the leader. Instead, a leader's actions depend on the situation and the followers. Four styles of leadership are used in the situational approach: delegating, supporting, coaching and directing. The leader selects the appropriate style according to the situation and readiness level of the followers for a particular style of leadership. For example, if the subordinates have a low level of knowledge, the directing style of leadership -- where the leader tells the followers exactly what to do is appropriate.(责任编辑:BUG)

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