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风险管理在组织中的作用 Role of Risk Management in an Organisation

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Task One – Individual Research Report
The Task
You are asked to research, critically examine and discuss the role of the ‘risk management’ function within an organisation.
Examine and discuss the purpose of risk management within an enterprise.
The purpose of risk management in an organization is to identify the possible problems before it occur in a business. Risk handling actions may be deliberated and raised as needed through the life of the creation or plan to alleviate opposing impacts on attaining objectives. Risk management is a constant and progressive process that is significant part of business. It address issues that endanger the achievement of objectives. Constant risk management method is practical to successfully expect and alleviate the risks that have serious impact on the plan. To have an effective risk management it should have a comprised aggressive and early risk documentation through the association and participation of related inventors. Technical issues are a main concern both early and during all plan stages. Risk management must deliberate both external and internal sources for schedule, cost, and technical risk.
Examine and discuss the benefits of risk management within an enterprise
There are a lot of benefits of risk management within an enterprise. Some of those are formation of a more risk that is focused on culture for the organization. In this the organization will implement ERM note that will increase the focus on risk. The senior ranks results in more conversation of risk at all levels. Discussion of risk and communication is recognized as a process to deliver information to senior management and also a way to segment risk information inside and through operations of the company. In that case it will let improved visions and decision making regarding risk at all levels. Regular risk reporting, ERM maintain better structure, broadcasting, and investigation of risks. Consistent reports can progress the focus of executive and directors by providing data that allows improved risk moderation decisions. Improved focus and perspective on risk. Efficient use of resources and effective coordination of regulatory and compliance matters.(责任编辑:BUG)

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