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管理和领导原则 Management and Leadership Principles - Peter F Drucker

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Peter F Drucker是现代管理之父,是一位社会评论员和卓越的商业哲学家。这位管理顾问于1909年11月19日出生,撰写书籍和其他学术文章,探讨企业、政府和非营利社会组织的方式。他管理层和领导层之间的区别多年来一直是争论的热门话题。
Introduction about Peter F Drucker
Peter F Drucker, the father of modern management was a social commentator and preeminent business philosopher. Born on November 19, 1909, this management consultant wrote books and other scholarly articles, exploring the ways in which businesses; governments and the non-profit sectors of society get organized. His distinction between management and leadership has been a popular topic for debate for several years now.
Leadership - doing the right things
Leadership acts as a tool in settling on the best course of action to take- what are the things that should be done to reach our targets? But according to Drucker's philosophy, leadership is strong and successful when the leader thinks through questions like 'Of those things that would make a difference, which are right for me?
By 'doing the right things', he meant that effective leadership is considering the company's mission, describing it and openly establishing it. It is a leader's job to set clear goals for the company and define the standards needed to be maintained while achieving the goals. Being aware that he is not in control of the universe, he has to make compromises. This, however, he does once he has thought of the right and the desirable.
Drucker defines leadership as mundane, unromantic and boring. Its essence lies in performance. Effective leaders keep on checking their performance against the achievement of their goals. This practice helps them to analyse their choices and decide on what is important and needs immediate attention. It also assists them in identifying their strengths and recognizing their weaknesses. Regarding this, Drucker says:
'I have seen a great many people who are exceedingly good at execution, but exceedingly poor at picking the important things. They are magnificent at getting the unimportant things done. They have an impressive record of achievement on trivial matters.'(责任编辑:cinq)

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