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企业创业与人力资源管理 Corporate Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management

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Introduction 简介
Today's economy is experiencing its ups and downs very quickly: rising competitiveness and fast changing technologies create pressure to the companies that want to stay at the top of their markets. This is not going to slow down, so the need for tools of success is arising. At the same time we are moving away from the Morris and Kuratko (2002) belief that "entrepreneurs are born, not made". That is why the wanting, believing, hoping, planning must be followed by doing. As already Confucius said: "When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps". It is time for action and one form of it that suits different businesses nowadays - is corporate entrepreneurship (CE).
Stated by Sharma and Chrisman (1999), corporate entrepreneurship is "the process whereby an individual or group of individuals, in association with an existing organization, create a new organization or instigate renewal or innovation within that organization". There are lots of definitions for CE nowadays, but all of them do not change the fact that CE is a tool for differentiation and competitive advantage in today's economy.
Corporate Entrepreneurship (CE) and Human Resource Management (HRM)
A lot of researches, studies were conducted in order to discover the inevitable truth that CE positively affects the performance of a company: it creates competitive advantages, helps to differentiate, adapt to new or quickly changing markets, and deal with external and internal challenges. As CE is seen as a multifaceted tool, the intensity of CE in an organization can be described by five different dimensions identified in a meta-analysis by Saly (2001): innovativeness, risk propensity, proactiveness, corporate venturing and self-renewal. When creating an organizational structure, as well as inside culture, these dimensions should be a scale measuring the future success of a company. Dealing with the globalization and fast moving changes, a company must take risks, be proactive and strive for innovation. Nurturing these traits, adapting to the environment (self-renewal) and fostering creation of something valuable that generates returns - are CE key success factors in the economy of today.(责任编辑:cinq)

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