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绿色管理对企业可持续发展的作用 The role of green management on the sustainability development of enterprises

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1.0 Introduction 简介
Economic development improves people's living standards and promotes social progress, at the same time, it brings more and more environmental pollution, including waste gas, waste water emissions, climate warming, extreme weather, excessive consumption of resources and so on (Zhang et al.,2017). Environmental pollution not only affects the survival of mankind, but also poses a threat to the development prospects of enterprises (Weichhart et al., 2016). In this context, the theory and practice of sustainable development of enterprises are paid more and more attention (Roy and Khastagir, 2016). From the perspective of environmental protection, sustainable development refers to that in the pursuit of economic interests, at the same time, enterprises are concerned about environmental protection to achieve enterprise development and harmonious coexistence with the human society, the natural environment (Dvořáková and Zborková, 2014).
Green management is an important means for enterprises to achieve sustainable development (Geng, Mansouri and Aktas, 2017). Green management is to integrate the concept of environmental protection into business management, which involves all levels, various fields, all aspects, all processes of business management, requiring that in business management, it should consider environmental protection at any time (Ma et al., 2016). 
2.0 Rationale 理论基础
There are many literatures on green management and sustainable development of enterprises. However, these studies have elaborated the importance of green management to the sustainable development of enterprises from a certain point of view (Mustapha, Manan, Alwi, 2017). There are not lots of researches which systematically expound the roles that green management plays in enterprises’ sustainable development strategy, and to what extent it is important. In this study, it will take literatures relating to green management and sustainable development as the research objects, according to content analysis to carry out quantitative and qualitative analysis on the literatures, and finally based on the results of the content analysis to systematically describe the roles that green management plays in enterprises’ sustainable development strategy. (责任编辑:cinq)

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