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留学生企业管理论文-中小企业管理论文范文-商业道德论文之商业道德案例-小企业和实践经验在商业道德的观点-Small Bu

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留学生企业管理论文-中小企业管理论文范文-商业道德论文商业道德案例:SmallBusiness and Empirical Perspectives in Business Ethics: Editorial
Author(s): Laura J. Spence and Robert Rutherfoord

Small Business and Empirical Perspectives L(WiJ j Spence in Business Ethics: Editorial Robert Rutherfoord
ABSTPJVCT. In this editorial to a collection ofpapers on ethics in small firms, the case is made for
greater use of high quality empirical research onbusiness ethics. Sociological perspectives have muchto offer to the field of business ethics that continuesto be dominated by normative, moral philosophy. Thesecond contribution of the paper is to argue for a reorientation away from the large multi-national firmas a benchmark subject of business ethics research.One important point of view to be included is thatof the small firm, which remains the dominant organisational form throughout all the OECD countries.

KEY WORDS: empirical research, enterprise, smalland medium sized enterprises, social capital, sociology
There has been a revolution in the way policymakers, academics and commentators thinkabout and represent "the economy" in recentdecades. There is now a much greater acceptanceof the diversity of the business population.
Once consigned by many to the periphery ofthe economy, small business and entrepreneurship is now commonly seen as the primaryengine of economic development. No longer aresmall businesses seen as reactive and a peripheral
force in terms of innovation, employment,job creation and productivity. The Global
Entrepreneurship Monitor (Reynolds et al.,2002) is one example of how enterprise and newbusiness formation is seen as central to growthLaura J. Spence is a member of Brunei Research inEnterprise, Sustainability and Ethics at BruneiUniversity, UK. She has published widely on ethics insmall firms.
Robert Rutherfoord is associated with the Small BusinessResearch Center at Kingston University, UK.not only in the developed world but also to "lessdeveloped" areas of the globe. Even the most
casual glance at the industrial statistics of developed countries clearly demonstrates that smallbusiness contribute around 50 per cent of privatesector employment and account for between 96and 99 per cent of businesses in OECD countries (OECD, 2002). This sector is seen as theprimary contributor to productivity growth,innovation and job creation (OECD, 2001)."Enterprise", as symbolised by the smallbusiness, also has considerablesymbolicandemblematic importance in attempts to shape the
moral behaviour of individuals and of relationships throughout society (Carr, 2000). It is often(责任编辑:BUG)

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