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Independent logistics systems
Every large company producing or selling products necessary have their own supply chain or at least use services of independent logistics systems. Logistics is an established service these days since customers have a preference of receiving products at the gate of their homes. Furthermore, customers choose shortest delivery terms between the companies.
Basically it evaluates the performance of different logistics functions. It focuses on time, availability, cost, quality, profit and reliability. These can be evaluating by the financial or non-financial. It also includes the critical success feature for all stages of the business.
Performance metrics are treated in a different way in business tools and economic theory.
1.Operating cost per unit. The program divides all costs related to consignment by total number of units. It is also workable to calculate group costs by means of transportation (train, airplane, truck).
2.Transit time. Time calculated from the moment a product departed from the logistic unit to the time it arrives to customer's place.
3.Losses. Expenses related to damage or loss of units. If this amount is too high take urgent actions.
4.Load capacity. This is a very important indicator. Suppose that your trucks can deliver 50,000 lbs of product, but yesterday they carried only 40,000 lbs. By dividing these numbers you get utilization percentage. Higher percentage shows more effectively the progress of Logistics Company.(责任编辑:cinq)

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