英国case study 作业—Romeo Bella公司运营分析

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Romeo-Bella公司的策略—Romeo-Bella's Strategy
Romeo-Bella is an international industrial laser manufacturer plus sales and service support organization. These lasers are commonly used in almost all types of industries. Generally, these industrial lasers are used for cutting, welding, engraving, perforating, soldering, heat treatment and so forth.
Romeo-Bella customer base range from normal commercial like automotive, heavy industrial, jewelry, cigarettes, semi-conductor and electronic, gift shop to highly sophisticated customer like medical, military, Research and development institute, airline industry, solar cell and so forth. Till now, Romeo-Bella is a worldwide organization with more than 25 subsidiaries and 8 production facilities worldwide.
Romeo-Bella公司的策略—Romeo-Bella's Strategy
In this 21st century, technology and customer requirement are changing rapidly that the end customer's criteria on the products requirement also changes to more cost conscious, liking for new technology, environment friendly, and lastly better customer service.
To satisfy those criteria, Romeo-Bella business strategies is adapting integrated cost leadership/differentiation strategy. The aim of the cost leadership strategy by shifting the production sites to cheaper rental, labor cost and near to raw material to reduce the manufacturing and operation cost without compromising the product quality. As for the differentiation strategy, Romeo-Bella wants to have the sales, service and support office closer to customers. The target for being close to customers is to boost the customer confidence level. Beside that, Romeo-Bella also wants to increase their product range and develop new technology by looking heavy into the research and development incorporate with acquisition strategy on supplier or competitors.#p#分页标题#e#
In addition to business strategy, Romeo-Bella adapted all the subsidiaries to run as an independent cost centre. Romeo-Bella sets the organization objective and let individual subsidiaries to run by it own to achieve the objective. This can shift the responsibility to the individual subsidiaries director to ensure the organization objective is met.
分析Romeo-Bella 公司的策略—Analysis of Romeo-Bella's Strategy
Romeo-Bella is adopting the strategic management perspective as the board of directors needs to take care all the stakeholders and particularly the shareholders.
By using cost leadership strategy, Romeo-Bella is reducing the manufacturing cost by looking into other locations for cheaper rental, low wages and also the accessibility to the raw material. In order to reduce cost further, Romeo-Bella acquires their main suppliers not only for Romeo-Bella and also for the competitors. This can help Romeo-Bella to be more competitive as their competitor manufacturing cost can be influence by the Romeo-Bella acquired supplier and at the same time reducing the Romeo-Bella manufacturing cost.
As for the differentiation strategy, Romeo-Bella increases the number of subsidiaries to ensure that the service support is much closer to the customer. In this competitive environment, customers prefer to have service support within their reach without having their system down for a long time.
Besides continuing investing on the Research and development department to keep up the fast pace of the technology advancement, Romeo-Bella acquire competitors that have develop new products or applications. Thus this can reduce the diversity of the R&D department project so that they can concentrate on the existing one and maybe in some area which is not their expertise. By acquire those products; Romeo-Bella product range can increase in a shorter period of time to meet the market demand. Therefore customer can have the wider range of product to choose from and Romeo-Bella can reduce the R&D cost, time and investment to start a new production line with the introduction of the new product.
Some common strategies like being close to customer by having subsidiaries near them and have more products range to choose from. These strategies are commonly used by most of the international companies so that customer service satisfaction can be achieved.
Lastly, Romeo-Bella implement cost centre strategy so that every office has to achieve the organization financial target that was set every year.
Overall, Romeo-Bella has followed the most of the strategic management planning as we can see that Romeo-Bella is keep changing the organization to keep up the pace of the technology, as well as the changing of customer requirement and the most important of all is to gain the competitive advantage.
#p#分页标题#e#Romeo-Bella 公司不理想的一面—Romeo-Bella Side Effect
With the current strategies, having too many subsidiaries around the world to satisfy the customer requirement may not be a good choice as the running cost can bring down the whole organization profit tremendously if the market around that particular sector has change.
Beside that, having low wages production site can also affect the quality of the product as the skills of the workers may not up to the organization expectation.
Likewise, acquisition of competitors can be a short term solution to reduce competition and increase the product range or technology. If the acquisition is not proper handle, skill and talented people may leave the company to either join the other competitor or start their own company. All these can reduce the competitiveness of Romeo-Bella. Also in the long run, Romeo-Bella becomes too large to handle in the whole organization. Therefore more resources and more define policies to govern these acquired companies due to the different operation culture.
Lastly letting the individual subsidiaries to run as a profit centre is also not a good choice. If there are clear guidelines for the subsidiaries to follow then it maybe still work out. But if there are no guideline and every subsidiary is not restricted on the operation process as the top management is only looking for the financial figures. Then in long run, issues may arise. Subsidiaries will not support their own sister companies or customer fearing that this will add on to their own cost or hoping to tap other subsidiaries resources to reduce their running cost. Thus individual subsidiary become busier to compete with one another and neglect the competition with other competitors and also the customer service.
Generally, all organization goals are to be competitive and also operated in a lower cost. Romeo-Bella has a good strategic management perspective as the overall strategy is to increase the competitiveness of the company and also cost saving. Based on the current economic, with the acquisition strategy this can help the company to stay afloat on the market and the possibility of switching trade from a laser source supplier to a laser parts supplier. Lastly, Romeo-Bella has to keep in tack looking at all the market requirement to determine the necessity of the subsidiaries and need to review the strategies periodically.

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