英国本科BA Proposal本科论文建议书:人力资源管理与公司的未来

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Topic: Human Resources Management and the future of company主题:人力资源管理与公司的未来

Thesis: Human Resources Management becomes more and more important for the success of company.论文:人力资源管理对公司的成功越来越重要。

1) The overall view of human resources management from two examples which respectively are HRM in Hong Kong and Google and the important lesson we can learn from these two examples.
2) HR, who is responsible in hiring applicants, should pay more attention to various factors such as EQ, potential when hiring people for the company and performance appraisals, employee wellness program and the relationship change between employees and employers when managing employees.
3) With the development of business, HR should equip them with more knowledge and ability, for instance, the capability of using social media and learning from people at other department.
4) For HR, how to handle different types of employees in various position, from the top CEO, to the middle manager, to those millennials and older employees.
1) The overall view of human resources management 
A) HRM in Hong Kong
a) The factors that affect HRM in Hong Kong
Through analysis, we know that legal and institutional factors, the China factor and globalization influence the development of HRM in Hong Kong, from which we can learn that for nowadays HRM, we must pay attention to external factors.
b) The future of HRM in Hong Kong
HRM in Hong Kong faces the future of having a closer economic ties with China and a knowledge workforce for a knowledge economy. We should pay attention to both external and internal factors so as to make better plan for development.
B) HRM in Google
How to make HRM serve better for the company
From the example of Google, we can learn that HRM should focus on specific situation and get more ability. The value of management is realized through the question of managers in Google through which we must focus on HRM.#p#分页标题#e#
2) The factors that HR should pay more attention to
A) In hiring stuff
a) potential
Compared with capability, nowadays potential becomes more and more important. Through the article three, we can get to know the way to become more potential and the value of potential.
b) EQ
When making the comparison with IQ, EQ shows more importance in managing work and employee recruitment. A person with higher EQ will show stronger ability in human relationship which becomes crucial for HRM.
B) In managing employees
a) Performance appraisals
Although many people question the value of performance appraisals, through the analysis of the article, we can see that it still do more good than harm for company if it is conducted in right way.
b) New employer-employee compact
The time has changed and the compact between employer and employee has changed as well. Through the article fourteen, we know that that are various ways to set good relationship between employer and employee and develop the success of company.
c) Employee wellness program
From article seventeen, we get to know how to conduct employee wellness program. And through the analysis of the fruit of workplace wellness, we realize that a good wellness program will make lower costs, greater productivity and higher morale. It is not only a good thing for employees, but a beneficial thing for company for the long term.
3) The ability HR should get for better work
A) Social media
With the development of technology, social media is not only a platform for personal use, but a very good channel for HR to find the character and background of applicants. Through the first article, we know the advantage of social media and the considerations that employees should take into while selecting applicants in case to violate the law.
B) The ability to develop talent
In the second article, we get a rough idea of what are our talent needs and how should we meet our talent needs. Then, there lists the practices in how to develop talent. Nowadays, with the development of society, talent means more than in the past, so we must pay enough attention to it, which means in a company, HR should have a comprehensive of talent and then development talent for the success of company.
C) To learn from people in other department
The fourth article shows us a way for HR to develop, that is to learn from marketer. Although they seem to have no connection, while as time goes by, they have something in common and HR can learn from marketer.#p#分页标题#e#
4) The way to deal with people in different position
A) The science of finding the right CEO
CEO, who is at the high position in company, means a lot for a company. The sixth article the research at P&G through which we can get the conclusion that succession plan is very crucial. In this article, we get various ways to find the right CEO, which are involve the board, rethink the role of CEO, a continuous and evolving process, define criteria and measure people against them, etc.
B) The way to retain the middle
The middle managers are crucial to a company’s success. In the fifth article, there lists several ways to keep the middle which are about career path and grow in work. 
C) The way to mentor millennials
Millennials accounts for more than a half in nowadays company. The tenth article starts with the wrong impression on millennials and then states the value of them. The practices raised in this article are very constructive and beneficial to company.
D) the method of inspiring old employees
Old employees still matters to the future of a company. the eleventh article states the value of old employees, which means more experience, and then lists several ways to retain them to work for company.
We can see that from series 1 to 17, there lists various aspects of human resources management from how to manage employees to what factors should Human Resources focus. From this series, we can get comprehensive knowledge of human resources management and then grow with the development of society. Since times are different, so we must keep pace with the times and make human resources management more suitable for the reality.

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