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近代中国俗语的直译与意译-Literal Translation and Free Translation of Modern Chinese Idioms

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近代中国俗语的直译与意译-Literal Translation and Free Translation of Modern Chinese Idioms 

I. Introduction  引言:


Language translation is conducive not only to mutual cultural exchanges between the countries but also more conducive to language development. In translation work, idiom translation, especially the modern Chinese idiom translation, is so common but so complex. In order to string along with the original, the target translation must be have what the holders of its foreign flavor, but also meet the requirements of their own text, however, it is difficult to join these two aspects together to achieve the standards when translating modern Chinese idioms. Modern Chinese idiom is an unique and fixed way of expression formed in the development of some languages; and it has a strong cultural characteristic and it is the core and essence of languages. Modern Chinese idiom has a very wide meaning which includes the phrase, xiehouyu, proverbs, literary quotation and other allusions. Besides, the modern Chinese idiom is also the load of the national culture of information, and it reflects the unique way of nationality's life style and the custom .In the following, this paper mainly talks about modern Chinese idioms from literal translation and free translation.

II the Literal Translation and Free Translation of Modern Chinese Idiom  (责任编辑:cari)

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