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留学生管理类作业写作范文:Managerial Self Development

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赋权在当今的大多数组织和企业中被广泛使用,它指的是给人们提供做他们想做的事而不是做事情的机会。在上个世纪50年代以Ian Gordon公司为主导,基于大多数大公司面临的层次和效率低下的管理问题,要求降低中间管理水平和程序,提高工作效率。效率达到客户的要求。同时,随着新技术和新知识的出现,社会需求也越来越多样化,大多数人没有能力独自解决每一个问题,这意味着他们不能有效地处理问题,满足需求。只有复杂的社会环境才有可能发生。团队合作已经成为当今企业发展的趋势,人们应该意识到团队在我们的生活中扮演着多么重要的角色。
Introduction: 简介
Empowerment is widely used in majority organizations and enterprises currently; it refers to offering people the opportunity to do what they would like to do instead of doing things mandatorily. (Dux R. 2007) It is firstly dominated by Ian Gordon in 1950sof last century which based on the fact that most of the large companies were confronted with hierarchy and the low efficiency of management problems, have the demand of reduce the middle management level and procedures, and boost working efficiency so that to meet the requirements of customers. Also, with the new and varieties of technology and knowledge coming up, social demand is getting more diverse at the same time, most of people do not have the ability to solve every problem if they just work by themselves, it means they cannot deal with problems efficiently and meet up with the requirements of the complex social environment just by themselves. Teamwork has become a trend for today’s enterprise developing; people should realize how important that team plays in our life. This essay will state the principles of empowerment, team, positive change, the roles of team and their influence or limitations to organizations. 
Part A:
Empowerment means that managers do not need to do everything by themselves, they can authorize their power and responsibility to their subordinates so that to expense the limit time and energy to enterprise development, and to achieve organizational goals together. The fact shows that compare to ordinary employees, the empowered ones are more capable of being productive, and also feel happier. Meanwhile, an organization can have a stronger ability to adapt to variations by empowerment, to be more flexible. Jack Welch, the chairman and chief executive of General electric company, who is credited with creating more shareholder wealth than any other CEO in history points out that manage less means manage well, it represents the function of the management has been weakened, and efficiency management, may produce ten times efficiency of normal management.
People can benefit from empowerment from several ways no matter with or without increasing employee with more compensation First of all, so there is no obstacle for empowered employees during the process of assigning the tasks, and it build them confidence to complete things alone, which called self-efficacy. next, giving people authority could provide the chance that they decide the time, the ways, the pace and how much effort they like to devote, they can be self-determinate, Through effective authorization, the enterprise can help the empowered employees to improve the work of the initiative, to enhance the self-management ability, so that to grow faster in a company. Effective authorization has brought a higher level of motivation; In addition, if someone is empowered by others, that stands for he or she has to take personal consequences and responsible for what they empowered for which can strengthen the faith that they can and will try every effort to things better;what is more, empowerment offers employee with a sense of feeling valuable in the activity, having authority can helps them to establish a clear goal or purpose in an activity, which makes them feel meaningfulness; last but not least, providing authority and responsivity means provide people with a sense of security, a sense of being comfortable developing relationships, a feeling that others treat them equitably and fairly, so that they can behave confidently and having straightforward manner, in all, they are trusted by others of they have empowerment. In general, both managers and employees can benefit from empowerment, no matter with or without additional compensation. There is an example which can illustrate the benefits of empowerment WFM, the whole food market, America’s largest natural and organic food retailers, was established in 1978 by JohnMacky, who was 25 years old at that time; it had opened 265 outlets so far. Compare to Walmart with “everyday low prices”, whole foods gives the impression of “everyday high prices”, however, it does not interfere with whole foods favored by the public. In recent years, the data shows it has always been selected as “global most admire companies” in “Fortune” magazine, and the secret of this is inseparable with Mackey’s management principle, which is empower employees,  providing authority and responsibility, Mackey thought he should let people who are closed to the implement level to make decisions, since decisions should be relevant to people who are influenced by this directly and at the same time to eliminate irrelevant person in this way, in this way can ensure the effectiveness of the decision because it can guarantee the consistency of idea pf decision makers and implement people. There are two different types of empowerment, one is senior management group make the decision by negotiating, and the other is decision-making is made by ordinary employees which their minds are closely and related to the benefits with all department employees this can ensure the group cohesiveness, exclude unsuitable person from the start. It is clear that empowerment brings advantages to organizations from the above example. (Jane S) (责任编辑:cinq)

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